How To Send A Message On Whatsapp Without Saving The Contact Number

How To Send A Message On Whatsapp Without Saving The Contact Number


Today we will tell you a trick with which you can send messages to anyone on WhatsApp without saving their number, which does not belong to anyone. You can send WhatsApp messages to people outside your contact list without having to add the number to your phone book. Another way to send a message to someone on WhatsApp without saving their number is through the Apples Shortcuts app.


On Android and iOS devices, users can use these steps to send messages to registered WhatsApp numbers without saving contacts to their contacts list. By clicking on the message, the user will be redirected to the WhatsApp page where they can chat with the contact without saving.


Once you have entered or copied and pasted a phone number into Easy Message, you will be redirected to the WhatsApp chat screen. After entering the number, press the “Direct Message” button in the app to be redirected to the WhatsApp chat window. If you enter a mobile phone number (with country code) in this app, the WhatsApp chat screen will open to compose a message. Instead of “number”, enter the phone number of the person you want to send a WhatsApp message to, the person you want to send a WhatsApp message to, followed by the country code.


If you want to quickly send a message to an unknown number, you just need to dial the number on your phone keypad along with the country code and a plus, such as +911234567890. Many people think that it is impossible to start a WhatsApp chat without saving the number, however, there is a way to send a WhatsApp message to a number that is not saved in your address book. Two methods can come in handy if you are in a large WhatsApp group and need to send a message to a stranger or friend without saving their number. You can send messages to any WhatsApp user as long as their number is saved in your address book.


Yes, you can simply remove WhatsApp access to your contacts in order to message others without adding their numbers to your contacts. If you want WhatsApp to access your contacts but still want to message someone without saving their numbers, Siri Shortcuts can help. This method works on both Android and iPhone, and is arguably the easiest way to text people without adding their numbers to contacts. To see Siri Shortcuts in action, call Siri, say the phrase that executes the shortcut, enter a number, and start sending a message in a WhatsApp thread.


Now scroll down until you see the WhatsApp link to Non Contact and click on it. Clicking on the button will open the WhatsApp application installed on the PC, which allows you to communicate normally with another person or company without adding the number to the phone’s contact list. The Click-to-Chat feature in the WhatsApp app allows you to start a chat with someone without saving their phone number in your phone book. To learn more about sending, you can refer to the WhatsApp FAQ section.


WhatsDirect is one such app where you can enter a phone number and a chat message, hit send, and you’ll be taken straight to the main messaging app. Despite the popularity of WhatsApp, the service lacks one key feature: the ability to send a message to a number without adding it as a contact in your address book. By following the steps below, you can create a link to your WhatsApp inbox, which you can then use to send messages without having to share your contact details. Sending is done by tapping on the chat feature, which uses links to start a conversation with any active WhatsApp account.


Remember that WhatsApp denying access to contacts means you have to follow these steps for every new WhatsApp conversation. Whether you own a high-end Android phone like a Samsung Galaxy or a mid-range device like a Redmi Note, the steps below will work on all Android smartphones and allow you to send WhatsApp messages without saving your number. in your phone. You just need to make sure that the number is registered with whatsapp, i.e. someone must have whatsapp installed for the phone number. To do this, users need to store unsaved numbers on their phones and send them text messages using WhatsApp.


Simple things like sending text messages without saving their contacts still require a workaround, and we’re really wondering if this will ever be added as a WhatsApp feature. Saving people’s phone numbers as contacts whenever I need to send them a simple WhatsApp message makes me extremely annoyed. The same advice allows you to use WhatsApp in a new way – similar to the features of Telegram and Signal – the ability to save private notes in WhatsApp itself.


Enter the recipient number and country code and you will be redirected to WhatsApp and a new message window will open. Enter the full number in your browser and you’ll see a web page with a large green message icon below. Scan the QR code to log in (using the “WhatsApp Web” option in WhatsApp for Android or WhatsApp for iPhone).


While the first way of using the link in the browser works fine on the iPhone, there is a better way to chat on WhatsApp without saving the contact number on iOS. WhatsApp provides an API to start a WhatsApp thread even if the WhatsApp thread is not already saved in your contacts.


Updated: March 14, 2022 — 10:22 am

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